STOLEN in Corvallis: 2013 Santa Cruz Heckler-
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    STOLEN in Corvallis: 2013 Santa Cruz Heckler

    STOLEN: 2013 Santa Cruz Heckler
    Color is "Gun Black" but it looks grey, with "Santa Cruz" written in red letters. Size small.
    Was locked to a spare tire bike rack on my black Honda CRV parked in front of the Taqueria Alonzo on the corner of Buchanan and Kings in Corvallis, OR. I had the bike secured with a heavy duty cable lock through spare tire, bike, and front tire. Lock was cut and bike was stolen with Thule top tube adapter most likely between 6-7:30 pm on Monday, September 1st (but definitely between 6:00 and 9:00 pm Sept 1st). Please call 218-251-5299 with any info! I have the serial number. Love this bike and can't afford to replace it.

    STOLEN in Corvallis: 2013 Santa Cruz Heckler-heckler.jpg

    built_with: Frame: Santa Cruz custom-butted 6069 aluminum Fork: RockShox Sektor, 150mm-travel Rear Shock: Fox Float RL, 150mm-travel Rims/Wheels: WTB FX Hubs: Shimano M525 Spokes: DT 14g stainless-steel Tires: Maxxis High Roller, 26 x 2.35 Crankset: Shimano Deore Chainrings: 42/32/22 Front Derailleur: Shimano Deore Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX Rear Cogs: Shimano, 10-speed: 11-36 Shifters: Shimano Deore Handlebars: Easton EA30 Tape/Grips: Lizard Skin Charger Stem: Easton EA30 Brake Levers: Avid Elixir 1 Brakes: Avid Elixir 1 disc, 7/6-inch rotors Saddle: WTB Volt Sport Seatpost: Easton EA30

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    Hope you/the authorities find it and the thief. This is the 3rd higher end MTB I know of that's been stolen in Corvallis in the last week and a half or so. Someone clearly knows what bikes to look for and is targeting them. This A-hole is clearly not deterred by locks or daylight thievery.
    When I die I'm afraid my wife will sell all of my bikes, parts and gear for what I told her I paid for them.

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    This is my nightmare...
    Daylight, people around, locked...
    My rack doesn't allow for a U-Lock, thinking my cable isn't good enough. I'm thinking of picking up one of those heavy chains.
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    I hope you get it back!

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    Sorry to hear the bad news. I got my Pitch stolen from me in May. The local police were able to recover it after a couple of months but it was trashed. Lots of components had been replaced with very low end stuff and they tweaked on the paint by sanding it off in random locations. ended up selling it for cheap.

    Hate to throw in my politcal speech here but we need to pass the jail levy here in Benton County so we lock up these dirt bags. We also need to vote for people who are going to be tuff on crime and not slap these criminals on the wrist and send them out on the street the next day.

    I have been taking my bike in stores with me. Not locking it to anything unless I can see it. Good luck I hope you get your bike back. Tweekers SUCK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrasher_s View Post
    My rack doesn't allow for a U-Lock, thinking my cable isn't good enough. I'm thinking of picking up one of those heavy chains.
    As a friend of mine once said, there is no such thing as a bike lock in the day of the portable angle grinder.

    That said, really the only thing to do is make sure yours is the least easy to steal.

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    I have a couple chains like that. My bike doesn't leave my sight for even a minute without being well locked. If it's on the car, I try and double lock it with the rack lock as well as the heavy chain, and often a cable as well. Then, park in obvious locations preferably where I can see it from the restaurant or wherever I am stopping.

    Friend of mine commented that I am too paranoid. Yeah....whatever. You can't be too careful.

    I used to leave my commuter bike at the office overnight when traveling on business. Our old office location was pretty secure and out of site. Bike parking at our new location is out in the wide open, and there were some thefts of bike left after hours. I don't leave my bike after hours anymore.

    If you feel the need to use Strava or mapmyride etc.., don't start logging your rides right at your door then post the routes publicly. Don't leave your garage wide open with your bikes in plain view. Even if a thief doesn't do a snatch and run, it's a huge advertisement to thieves scoping out neighborhoods.

    Don't advertise on social media how awesome it is that your're leaving on a 2 week vacation 2,000 miles from home. Get to know your neighbors, have them keep an eye out if they are gone.

    Bring your bikes into your hotel room at night when you travel. Don't leave them on your vehicle overnight and expect they'll be there in the morning.

    Can never guarantee that you can stop a determined thief, but I'm going to do everything in my power to make their job as hard as possible so they look elsewhere. That, and then have homeowners or renters insurance to cover any major loss.

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    I had 2 $5k bikes stolen with 30 days of each other last summer. One stopping for lunch coming back from Whistler in Vancouver. Parked in a secured lot with security guards and they took 2 bikes that were double locked. Insurance took care of me, got a new bike, and was going back up to Whistler. Parked for 2 hours outside the front door of my busy office building on a Thursday morning on the way out of town and it was gone by 11am.

    Both episodes there were decent sized locks, but probably took 30 seconds with an angle grinder. Both perfectly clean cuts. After a HUGE fight with my insurance company (no claims in over 20 years for theft), I got another bike. I lose sleep with this new one. No such thing as being paranoid. The crime is real out there. I can't believe how many bikes I see without locks at restaurants or strip malls now. I now have the biggest one I could get like the one pictured. 14mm heat treated steel. Everyone thinks it is overkill, but it isn't. I lock my bikes in my garage, lock them in the car, and still won't leave the car without being in view....even with the chain on. If you were to get a chain, that is the one to get for sure. It is massive.

    They say it would take up to an hour with a blow torch or angle grinder to get through this lock. Still not willing to find out.

    I was just in Corvallis a few weeks ago with my kids doing the college tour. Had 2 very expensive carbon road bikes on the back. Forgot my big lock, so had to buy a cheap one and am so thankful I didn't lose them while in town. I don't know what I would have done had I had a third theft in less than a year. I assumed I would be fine in a small town for half a day. No more assumptions!

    Good luck on getting your bike back. I feel for you.

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    In addition to the big chains, layering locks is great as well, anything to make it take longer.

    Swagman sells hitch locks, as in cables that attach and loop through a locked hitchpin: I have one of these: 1/2? LOCKING HITCH PIN & CABLE 64031 Swagman

    Slides onto my Thule locking hitch pin just fine.

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    Only two types of locks worth buying, tempered square chain and tempered steal cup link locks.
    Goodbye '95 ZJ. Just so you know, transfering box of left behind womens panties to next truck. Thank you ZJ!

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