Having lived, worked and played in Hood River county for all of my life, I am growing increasingly concerned about the conditions in the Post Canyon trail network. My concerns are being echoed by many of my riding friends. These concerns focus mainly on the abuse by a select few resulting in garbage being dumped off the roadside and at trail heads, small bridges and stunts being destroyed, and long established trails and forest floors being ripped wide open by motorcyclists.

Because of the proximity of Post Canyon to Hood River, it is used extensively by locals of all persuasions including hiking, mountain biking, and equestrians. The local motorcycling club posted a sign with a map at the entrance into Post canyon urging motorcyclists to go to the Binns Hill area the allviate overuse and conflict on the lower Post Canyon Network. I have organized two annual Post Canyon clean-up days the address the illegal garbage dumping. Many others have volunteered their time to maintain and add to the Post Canyon trail network for all to enjoy. I and many others have witnessed deliberate destruction of trails and forest floors by renagade motorcyclists and we have also found garbage and broken bridges and stunts.

I just had a friend and avid mountain biker tell me today that he used to enjoy riding in Post Canyon and now his riding experience turns into regret and anger at what is happening to the trails and surrounding area.

Believe me when I say the County Commission is fully aware of some of the goings on in Post Canyon and they are not happy about it. The local mountian bike club has been working very hard to ensure Post Canyon is available to all responsible users. I feel we are slowly losing the ability the keep and expand this area for recreation due to the needless destruction and utter lack of respect for the area.

If you enjoy riding the Post Canyon network and you witness someone abusing the area in any way, please write down a plate number and anything of value and report them to the Hood River County Sheriff's Office at the non-emergency number at (541) 386-2711.