• 02-27-2018
    Planing a mtb vacation in June..where in Oregon should we go?
    Planning a mtb vacation out west somewhere. We are coming from the east coast (philly) area so looking for rides with lower attitudes. Would that be a good time to come to Oregon? what is best place to ride? Stay? We were planning to go to Fruita but it may be too hot that time of year. Any info would be greatly appreciated.:)
    Thank you
  • 02-27-2018
    Just about anywhere in June. Could still be blowdown and snow or mosquitoes at higher elevations in the Cascades. East of the Cascades or south of the Willamette Valley will be drier, but maybe too dusty. There's nothing to ride on the coast.

    Places I like: Bend, Oakridge, Sandy Ridge, Willamette Valley (Alsea Falls, BRMBA)

    Places I hear are great but haven't been: Ashland, Hood River
  • 02-27-2018
    Coming in June, you won't have any problems with high altitude trails. First off, anything much above say 5,000 ft is likely still going to have snow, and secondly, Oregon doesn't have a lot of high elevation trails compared to other states "out West".

    I would say a majority of Oregon's poluation lives below 1,000' of elevation, and for us low elevation dwellers, high altitude isn't a big consideration when planning rides around the state. The higher elevation rides in the cascades generaly range from about 3,500 ft up to about 7,000 ft. Newberry Crater is the highest elevation trail I've ridden in the state and it tops out just shy of 7,600 ft. There may be some other higher trails, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. The highest peaks in Oregon top out in the low 11,000 ft range, but virtually all of those are within Wilderness areas, so you can't ride there anyway.

    I live at ~300 ft above sea level, and I don't really notice any affect of the elevation until above maybe 5000' and even then it's pretty minimial effect, like breathing just a little harder on a climb. Feel it a bit more up at 7,000'+, but it's nothing like places I've been in Colorado at 13,000 feet and getting a headache and light headed.

    Now, don't confuse lack of high elevation with lack of elevation change. We have very few trails that don't invovle a significant amount of climbing. So, if it's climbing you want to avoid, you're mostly out of luck, though Bend has a lot of gentle terrain that makes the climbing pretty easy.

    As for best season, it's a crap shoot. Our best weather is between 4th of July and end of September in terms of persitent sunshine, but it can be very hot (but it's a dry heat) and smoke from wildfire can put a damper on things as well.

    You can get some great riding weather in June, but you're just as likely if not more so to get a week of solid rain as you are a week of sun.
  • 03-01-2018
    Oakridge! Bring DEET.
  • 03-06-2018
    Agree with bighitboy...Oakridge! Tons of trails nearby, with enough range of altitude that you can have a "plan B" at the ready if there are any issues your top ride choices. And plan B will still be world-class. Two shuttle services in town if you want to forego climbing on some rides. Camping or housed, you have options....your post motivated me to check out airbnb, and saw some good options. I liked Cog Wild's "Let it Rain" house. Looks to be walking distance to the Brewer's Union, for post-ride meals and beers. There is also a B&B right across from the Red Covered Bridge at the base of the Alpine Trail network. Local knowledge and even riding partners can easily be gained through Willamette Mountain Mercantile (a.k.a. "The Merc") in Oakridge, GOATS (Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards), or Disciples of Dirt, about 45 minutes away in Eugene. Post on the DOD website as time draws near, and it's almost certain you can get some locals to join you. Do some searches....you will likey :-)