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Let's try to help them out on this one...

A msg from BRMBA asks users to slow down when driving from Falls City to the BR parking area...

Now on their splash page:

Quote Originally Posted by BRMBA
Important Reminders about the Black Rock Trails!

Hey there all; BRMBA wants to say THANK YOU to all trail users. Things have been looking better in regards to people going to fast through the camp so thank you to everyone for slowing down and reminding everyone to be good neighbors to the camp.

Keep up the good work and keep you speed down!

NOW we ask everyone to be a good neighbor again, but in a different area. With summer here and with the road now being dry and extremely dusty we ask that the biking community set a good example for ALL drivers using the Black Rock road.

Please slow down through the section of road just after the pavement where the homes are (or just before the pavement as you are heading back into town).

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR and slow down so that you lessen the dust as much as possible past these homes. Iím sure you would appreciate drivers doing the same for you if you lived in one of these homes! The couple minutes in additional drive time will earn you good trail karma (just like trail building does).