Attention Eugene Area Mountain Bike Riders,

The City of Eugene recently completed work on the new Ribbon Trail that connects Hendricks Park to 30th Avenue an important connection in the Ridgeline Corridor that stretches from Fern Ridge Reservoir to Buford Park. Long term planning documents ( call for creating shared-use trails, open to mountain bikes, throughout this corridor. As legitimate trail users with a need for recreational facilities, we must speak up to let the City of Eugene and the local community know that this trail should be open to both foot traffic and mountain bike use.

Your feedback is critical to ensure this trail is designated as

shared-use for pedestrians and bicycles.

In addition to providing for local recreation needs, this corridor would also serve an important function as a transportation connection for bicyclists. At the moment, the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space (POS) Planning is seeking feedback from a number of local trail and park user groups to make a decision as to the status of this trail (i.e. open or closed to mountain bikes). Please take a moment to submit your thoughtful comments to POS Planning:

Phillip Richardson:

CC: Neil Bjorklund: and

Also, take this quick survey to let the City of Eugene know what your needs & desires are for the Ridgeline Trail System:

Thanks and stay tuned for updates!

Lou Swing