I met with with zinger-uk and his wife who are now state-side on 3 week holiday mountain biking across the west. Seems this is not their first trip over the pond for mountain biking adventures, though somehow our little corner has escaped their radar . . . until now.
I joined up with them on their ride up Ape Canyon to Windy Ridge on Mt St Helens yesterday. It was a great trip and they are good people so I tried to show them some of what we have here. The mountain was in rare form and cooperated with a spectacular show and we even spied a bald eagle, trout in talons flying off into the horizon.
Enough words:

Rerouted trail away from the cliff's edge:

Wow factor. popping out onto the top of Ape Canyon:

Fair Warning:

Of the dozens of photos I took, this is the best I could do of the Bald Eagle with a trout in its talons:

(how'd yours turn out, eh Gordon?

Got to treat Gordon and Claire to Huckleberries, "You mean you can eat them?"

Gordon and Claire will be riding the McKenzie tomorrow (8/30). If you see them say hello. I tried to convince them to skip Sun Valley's fires and spend more time in OROR. Maybe after riding the McKenzie they will.