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    Orbea Oiz - shifting stiff

    I have yet to try and diagnose but my Oiz with XT/XTR is pretty darn stiff to shift. Mostly notice on upshifts but downshifts too. To stiff for a relatively new bike and makes me wonder if it has to do with cable routing. I don't ever recalling it being as smooth my other bike with SRAM. I don't recall my previous bike with XT being this stiff either.

    If it were the old days of external routing I would have just put all new housing/cable on there.

    Any one else experience the same with the shimano drivtrain?
    Any one replacing housing yet? Any tips or is it simple?


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    It could be the clutch that it set very tight. You can find some information in WR304's posts in the Oiz thread on page 5. Beware, the On/Off label in one of the pictures is revered. First thing to try would be to flip this switch and see if that makes a difference. If it does, you have found the reason.

    I have Eagle on all my other bikes and I'd estimate that the Shimano shifter on my Oiz requires three times the force to shift compared to the Eagle setups.

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    Have you tried the shifting with the clutch on the rear derailleur turned off to see if that is the issue? For the rear derailleur you could also try some chain lube (such as Finish Line Wet lube) that is fairly thick on the rear derailleur parallelogram pivots and leaving it to soak through in case they're getting a bit stiff.

    If you decide to recable the bike something like this Park Tool IR-1.2 internal cable routing kit makes it straightforwards to pull the new cable outer through along the route of the existing cable in the frame:


    With the Orbea Oiz the main things to watch out with the cabling are the loose nuts on the inside of the frame that you should never fully unfasten!

    The worst of these is the allen expander bolt that secures the gear cable outer into the swingarm. There's a loose nut on the inside so if you fully unfasten it this nut will fall down inside the chainstay. That's bad as the only way to get it back in place looks to be by removing the rear triangle!

    Orbea Oiz - shifting stiff-2020-orbea-oiz-cable-allen-bolt.jpg

    Orbea Oiz - shifting stiff-2020-orbea-oiz-cable-allen-bolt2.jpg

    Along with this you have the cable port on the frame downtube where the brake and gear cables exit the frame. From a quick experiment the 3mm allen bolt that holds the cable port in place moves with the plastic cable port when loosened. It feels like it has a free nut on the inside of the frame, which will fall out inside if fully unfastened. In order to get that back into place if it was fully unfastened it looks like you'd have to remove the bottom bracket from the frame.

    Orbea Oiz - shifting stiff-2020-orbea-oiz-downtube-port-bolt.jpg

    There's an access port under the rear chainstay protector (secured by a 1.5mm allen bolt) that would make it easier to reach a fed through cable if you were to take the chainstay protector off.

    Orbea Oiz - shifting stiff-2020-orbea-oiz-chainstay-hole.jpg

    Before recabling the bike you'd want to remove the crank and the chain guide. If there's a cable issue anywhere it will be where that chain guide goes as it's a tight fit there at the narrowest point of the swingarm. When removing the gear cable outer on my bike (without fitting a new one or removing that chain guide as I was switching to SRAM AXS) it was jammed in tightly at that point. I ended up cutting the gear cable outer and using a rubber mallet to knock it out! I think it was probably caught up on the chain guide mountings that protrude inside the frame. You can see how the gear cable outer will have to bend round and be very close to the chain guide in the first picture above.
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    My 2019 Orbea Oiz has full Shimano XTR 12-speed. The shifting is very light and smooth. Much easier than my other bike that has Sram Eagle.
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    Shimano XTR 12sp is noticeably more positive and stiff compared to SRAM.

    I've got a few bikes with X01 and a few with GX, a brand new XTR 12sp with XTR cable and outer feels heavier and more positive than GX.

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