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    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co

    So this might be a little lengthy but it'll be worth it.

    I haven't ridden a bike in 20 years as of last April. I throw athletic events and needed a bike to get around a really big one in Del Mar, San Diego last year because golf carts are too big to maneuver through crowds. I bought a crappy fixie (didn't know it was a hipster thing) on for $130. I hated it. rode it once to the gym and thought it was awful. Found a LBS local to my shop in Camarillo, CA called US Bike Co. They gave me $100 credit and I purchased an Orbea Alma H70. It's one of Orbea's lower end Hardtails but for someone who hasn't ridden in a very long time it was sufficient, or so I thought. Needless to say I was stoked. It had a remote lockout for the forks (which rocked) and was a blast. The guy that sold me the bike even took me on my first ride to show me the ropes. I was overwhelmed with how helpful and enthusiastic he was.

    After speaking with a few of my friends who ride regularly I decided to see if I could upgrade to a full suspension bike. US Bike Co was nice enough to offer me full credit back for my bike and gave me a deal on upgrading to an Orbea Occam H30. This bike was amazing, except for the fact it was a medium which ended up being too small for me. IO seized the opportunity to upgrade one last time to a Large 20.5 Occam H20. This bike was unreal. The SRAM 2x10 was so snappy and responsive, the formula brakes were unbelievable too. Now the story really begins.

    After about 2 months of riding 1-2x a week I started to get really back creaking in the rear triangle. The shop checked it out a few times and lubed all the pivot points, cleaned everything, even broke down and reassembled the bottom bracket. Each time I went in the fix was only temporary. The shop and I were both at a loss. I know bikes can creek especially full suspension ones, but this was really bad. About a lie into climbing it would start to go nuts. We couldn't get down to the issue. I called Orbea myself and told them what was going on and that the shop was probably sick of me coming in with the same problem. They immediately asked to see the bike, so it was sent off.

    After a about a month (10 days in transit) I received 2 different answers form 2 different people at Orbea. 1 Sales guy said he found the issue and it had to do with me riding it loose. Another tech guy said that the hub spacing was off and was assembled with the wrong ones. I'm an A/V Engineer by trade and a Mechanical Engineer by hobby. I'm pretty meticulous about my bike especially considering the amount of money I've put into it. Orbea's fix was to change out the 9mm Skewer to a 12mm Through axle Maxle. This also requires new dropouts and hub spacers. I was told that the bike was at the front door waiting to be picked up by UPS. It didn't end up going out until 4 days later.

    A little over a week after it left Orbea I received the bike and immediately took it to the shop for assembly. Once we started putting it together we realized that they had not sent the hub spacers. I'm pissed! The shop found a Mavic CrossMax SLR (hell yeah!) in the back that was in perfect working order and they just gave it to me along with some Mavic hub spacers that were perfect. I'm still pissed but at least now I have a working bike with an upgraded wheel. BTW when I say pissed I'm really pissed on the inside because I know getting mad a being a dick never got anyone anywhere. That doesn't mean I don't voice my dissatisfaction though. I took the bike home and had a few days until I could ride. Orbea offered to hook me up with a Carbon frame for a really good price as a way of trying to make amends for their lag. They also said they would honor it whenever, it didn't have to be right away. This was pretty cool of them but I'm not in a place to dump more into the bike.

    The night before my first ride I threw it up on my stand and gave it a once over. Boom! there's a massive dent in the down tube on the non-drive side. I know I didn't damage the frame, so it happened either in the shop, in shipping transit or at Orbea. I call the shop the next morning. They didn't see it either because they worked strictly on the drive side, but they admitted that it wasn't my fault. I'm an honest guy, I didn't send the bike back to Orbea looking for a handout, I just wanted it fixed. The manager said to expect a call from the store owner.

    The store owner called me later that night which I was stoked for. Not only because he called me but because he cared enough to call after hours on his own free time. I have not only bought this bike but bought a comfort commuter for my girlfriend, and bikes for both of her daughters. If you treat me well you've got a customer for life. He explained how disappointed he was and would do whatever it takes to make it right. He also said that he understands I'm not trying to milk him for free stuff, which I'm not. He asked what I wanted and I told him that my frame needs to be replaced. Then he gave me the option to upgrade to carbon at no cost. Of course I said bring on the carbon and got chills down my spine. I was so stoked! I didn't care if it was a 2 year old model, any CF frame upgrade would be an upgrade and take this bike to a whole new level. A week later I got a call form the shop that the frame came in. US Bike Co and Orbea worked together to make me happy. Obviously no one wants to take a loss on this so both parties stepped up. They were got me a brand new 2014 Occam Carbon Frame with the top of the line Fox Rear Shock CTD Boost Valve Remote with the Kashima coating. This was totally beyond what I was expecting and made this customer very happy. I rode it 2 days ago and the best way I can describe this bike is with one term, butter. No creaking, stiff in the rear and no trail chatter what-so-ever. I will be buying another Orbea, and I will be buying it from US Bike Co.

    Here's some pics of the bikes.

    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co-photo-3.jpg
    Alma H70
    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co-photo-1.jpg
    Occam H30
    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co-occam-h30.jpg
    Occam H20

    New Carbon Fiber Frame!
    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co-photo-2-copy.jpg

    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co-photo-3-copy.jpg

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    Wow. You went through quite the upgrade process there. From not riding a bike in 20 years, to a fixie to get around athletic events, to three different models of Orbea. Hope you get some trail time in. Orbea is a great brand imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocop View Post
    Wow. You went through quite the upgrade process there. From not riding a bike in 20 years, to a fixie to get around athletic events, to three different models of Orbea. Hope you get some trail time in. Orbea is a great brand imo.
    I feel fortunate that I found a shop that not only let me upgrade but took ownership and good care of a loyal customer.

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    Cool looking bikes! Glad they took care of things for ya. I have a lower end Orbea... They seem rare in the states.

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    Great story.
    I just noticed this thread,& usually wouldn't respond to a 2 year old one.
    I purchased a 2013 H30 demo from our lbs in Oct. 2013. Love it,still do.
    I didn't have much of a chance to ride it that fall.
    Spring 2014 rolls around,& I'm stoked.
    I noticed pretty quick that I have a creak when I crank.
    Lbs thinks bb,& replaces it no charge. Still there.I took it back,they scratch heads,& want to send it to Orbea. I waited all winter to ride,& didn't want to miss out.
    I found that if I soak bb with penetrating lube the creak goes away, or not so bad.
    Here it is 2016,I've ridden hundreds of miles since purchase,soaking bb often.
    Loving my Orbea enough to almost forget about the creak. Lubing routinely.
    Reading your story,I wish I would have pursued the fix.
    Glad to hear Your shop,& Orbea stood up for you.
    The music never stops

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    This April (2016) I decided it was finally time to upgrade. I'd been hanging onto and still regularly riding a good on Giant AC from 2001. It was tired, geometry was old school and pretty hefty compared to new bikes.

    I started scratching around and making my bike list. I had two major non-negotiables.

    1. Lifetime Warranty
    2. Local Purchase from a shop that offered lifetime tuneups.

    That narrowed it down to Giant, Specialized, Santa Cruz and Orbea.

    Next for consideration were geometry, travel and weight. I knew I wanted a lighter "all mountain" bike. All the shops know me, I worked each manager. A newer shop to the area had picked up Orbea and had the most to gain by getting me a deal. I organize and attend a lot of group rides, I'm on the board of the local IMBA chapter, yada, yada, yada.

    I was initially looking at the Occam AM M30. A little over my $4k budget. But the owner offered me such a good deal that I asked what his price on the M10 would be and I placed my order about 700 over budget. Meh. I'm 50. Probably my last major Mountain Bike purchase because I ride my gear for a LONG time.

    Bike was supposed to take 2 weeks to arrive. I stop by the shop a few days past the 2 week point. Owner called Orbea. "Oh, sorry, we should have let you know. That model and size is on backorder. We can have one to you in 10 to 12 weeks." Man I was bummed. But he was pissed at Orbea and let them have it, then he called in a contact he has to the Orbea HQ in Malabia Spain.

    They had a small ready to ship...but it was the LTD model. All Carbon Fiber...frame, wheels, cranks, bars...MSRP $8k. They work it out...and I end up with a mad sick 140mm 24lb 2016 Orbea Occam AM M-Ltd for such a ridiculous price I feel like I stole it.

    My experience with Orbea and US Bike Co-occam.jpg
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