Your daily email-related scam....-
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    Your daily email-related scam....

    This morning I received an email telling me that this company wanted to hire me, but for a position to which I'd never applied, for a company that doesn't seem to exist, and for a job completely unrelated to the field that I'm studying right now. I'm studying a major in the biological sciences.

    I just ignored it, but it's one of the more creative scams that I've seen arrive in my inbox. The interesting thing is that my email service didn't automatically filter it into my Spam folder, like it would usually do for something like this.

    Here's that email. I asterisked out some parts of their addresses, but they didn't even bother making professional-sounding addresses. I'll give these scammers an 8/10 for creativity, 4/10 for execution.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scammers
    Shipping manager
    Pick Up and Forward LTD

    We propose a chance to move forward the career path with excellent results and continuous development of your knowledge and skills . We encourage the initiative and craving of growing and give our workers the opportunity to move forward and to manage the research tasks.

    In case you are motivated on skilled grow in the area of marketing research, we will appreciatively meet you as a part of our company !

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    If you have the time to commit to it this website is pretty effing hilarious. It's a guy with too much time on his hands who trolls email scammers

    419 Eater - The largest scambaiting community on the planet!

    first link wasnt the right one, this one is. Oopsies

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    Maybe it was sent to you by mistake but meant for someone else?

    By the way, now that we know which career field you are working toward, you may start receiving scam/spam work proposal emails from fake biological science companies.

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    Your daily email-related scam....

    It wasn't a mistake, I've gotten them in the recent past to. If my spam filter doesn't them, they get manually sent to the spam folder.

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    The management company I am involved with sent me an email saying they could not pay me until the budget was approved for the projects I am working on. When I pointed out that I was creating the budget, and might not be doing that any more, they sent a wire immediately... not a very good scam!
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