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    Way off topic - computer won't play Blu-Rays

    I've just spent a little over 2 hours mucking around with my computer. Up until maybe 6 months ago, I could play Blu-Rays on my computer. It seemed like I had to make an update to WinDVD 2010 Pro to do so every time, but they played. Now last month and tonight I couldn't play Blu-Rays (Life of Pi and Skyfall). Any thoughts?

    The computer is a 2010 Sony Vaio laptop. I've verified that I have all the WinDVD 2010 Pro updates (up to Patch 8), the latest NVIDIA graphics card updates, and DirectX11. I verified that my TV is compatible with HDCP Blu-rays - that's what Corel said was wrong. I tried different HDMI inputs to my TV (the computer has only 1 output). The computer monitor is not on at the same time as the TV. I can't play Blu-rays on just the computer either. The Blu-ray locks up at the 20th Century Fox logo then says I need to update my WinDVD Pro software.

    I tried VideoLAN VLC for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows, but I get the AACS error even when I load the .dll and keydb files into what I think are the right directories.

    Any other thoughts? Do Blu ray players have these same problems? It seems like I'm unable to Blu rays unless I jump through hoops every single time I want to play a different disc.


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    Easy fix, buy a new computer or don't play Blu-Ray's.
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    Blu-Ray is a highly protected format. The entertainment companies think that if you have the ability to rip the content to your computer then you won't buy the "digital" version of the same content for your "devices". I like to rip my movies so I can play them without getting out the disk. I have my computer setup as a media server and have used my PS3 to play the movies on my big screen. I have noticed that certain new titles are stopped from playing by the PS3 and most recently the PS3 won't talk to the media server. I remember the panic when cassette tape came out and the record companies were all afraid that no one would buy music anymore. Same crap, different decade.

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    Way off topic - computer won't play Blu-Rays

    My blu ray player works fine when it's clean (have to do that often enough). I stream more nowadays though so I don't watch as many movies on physical discs.

    What OS are you using? IIRC win 8 dropped native support for some formats requiring you to go aftermarket. Maybe your aftermarket SW hasn't updated to handle those particular movies? Do others play fine or just having probs with those two?

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    It might be that the "software that needs to be updated" is the AACS key. See instructions.

    Standalone Blu-ray players do not have these problems because they are "unlocked" and don't need to futz with AACS and certificates. All of that copy-protection crap is there to prevent users with Blu-ray drives on computers from trying to illegally copy the content. Unfortunately, it can lead to seemingly endless problems for people who are simply trying to use the disc in a perfectly legal scenario.

    I have PowerDVD and it's really not much better. Most new BD movies require a software update and then the menu is usually totally hosed that I can't even see it. I just blindly hit the OK button (since they always default to highlighting PLAY after loading) and hope the movie starts playing.

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    Thanks for the info.

    This is just dumb. To update the AACS key, I have to make Explorer my default browser?!

    Well, I kept messing around with different search terms to look at various user message boards. This is apparently a problem with 20th Century Fox Blu-rays.

    To fix the problem - as soon as the buttons on the Blu-ray player become active, you have to hit the Skip Chapter button often and fast to get it to skip past the security feature.

    I can't believe all the hoops that I, as a legitimate customer playing a legal copy of a disc, have to jump through to watch a simple movie.

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    I won't buy another blu ray disc. I've copied all other movies over to iTunes and now purchase movies and such from iTunes and serve them up (and all my music) through Apple TV to the entertainment system via wireless. Works like a charm and with Netflix, I almost never watch TV.
    Once the movie/music library is in the iMac and backed up (of course), it is available to my other devices.

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