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    Video Game Help Etrian Odyssey Millenium Girl

    Yeah. I know this is a bike forum, but there a crap ton of guys here and figure someone plays this game. It came recommended and bought it.

    Not really a video game person but ended up buying a Nintendo 3DSXL after finding out that they'd come out with a Zelda game that my son wanted. Played the game and decided I wanted my own copy and console. Love the new Zelda: Link Between Worlds and almost have it done.

    I've never played anything RPG and while I've picked up the general idea but true to my pathetic gaming skills I keep dying by F.O.E.s. and apparently my map isn't complete enough to get through to the next level. I found a map site and checked mine against it and it's the same as the site but can't level up. Haven't figured out how to open the doors either so I'm stuck on that for mapping.

    Is there a book, forum, site that helps total losers like me get better as right now I'm not finding much. Surprisingly, I actually like the game and the detail that goes into it. It would just be nice to get some basics and strategy down and figure it out from there.

    It's a great day for a bike ride so I'm heading out to burn off some frustration before coming back to the game.

    The only thing I don't like about Nintendo is most of their games are pretty silly and intended for little kids.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    There's a "little kid" in all of us. Glad to hear that you have rediscovered yours.

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    You can check out but if you're trying to look for RPG tips you may end up getting spoiled on the story while finding the info you want.

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    Anon..Thanks! Didn't realize how complex this game is when I bought it and the site has helped. I don't worry about spoilers. There are times when I wish I could think like a guy though. You guys have it easy.

    Sigh. Went out to ride my fat bike and the front tire is flat. I hate fixing flats. It's not hard, just time consuming and dealing with 4 inch wide tires and Surly tubes can be a PITA.

    Thanks again for the site.

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