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    Talk to me about freelance writing...

    My wife and I live just outside Washington DC, and were married last November, and she absolutely hated the job she was in, and the longer commute after the wedding only made things worse. Since we're fortunate enough that we can live off my income, I told her to quit and find a job she liked. Somewhat unexpectedly she said she wanted to become a freelance writer.

    She quite her job about a month ago and is now looking for jobs and has started a blog (recapturing) to get her writing out there and show she can create content on a schedule. However, she still hasn't found a paying job yet.

    Any advice on how we can progress things, find jobs, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    I work in publishing

    Your wife should find a new day-job and pursue the writing gig on the side. What she is after is difficult. There's no real need to pursue it full-time at first. Begin small. Tackle the writing as a side job. See how things progress.

    I do not know *all* of publishing. I just know my little niche in computer-book land. With that in mind, here are some thoughts:

    * She would do well to develop an area of expertise. She could focus on a topic area. She could focus on a type of writing such as marketing copy, feature articles, corporate white papers, just to name a few examples.

    * The important thing is to develop something concrete to offer in the marketplace that publishers will pay for, and that she can build a reputation around. Get known for something. That's key.

    * Creating serviceable content on schedule is far more important than being brilliant.

    * Very few writers whom I personally know are full-time freelance. Most work a day-job, and their writing on the side enhances and benefits from the day job.

    Very difficult to just sit down and decide to be a writer.

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    One of the blogs I read is from a woman who has pursued that route. It may be of some help, and she may well answer some questions as well.

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    Work for free. It's amazing what starting out by working for free does longterm.

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    She could look into editing scientific articles and help people write grants with people at local research institutions. I've worked with a couple of these people and it is great.

    She may want to look into "ghost writing scientific articles" (in google). There is a professional society that may provide some training too.
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