So I currently live in the Southeast part of TN and have lived there since 1995 or so. I am almost 25 and about to finish up my Masters Degree in mechanical engineering in August. I am also single. I had originally wanted to stay around the south east part of TN because of a girl that I was interested in but, long story short, she pretty much led me on for a year and finally said that she doesnt know what she wants but that she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. So I am thinking about moving someplace new and meeting new people, new place, new lifestyle, etc. I'm kinda getting tired of the people from my area (white trash, multiple kids, already been married once before and aren't even 25 yet). I'd like to find a place that has girls that are smart, pretty, outgoing, and adventurous.

So a few places I have been thinking of are as follows:
-My first choice at the moment is Colorado...probably around the Denver area (I am currently looking at a couple jobs in Littleton). I went out to Colorado for the first time a couple winters ago and really liked it out there. I only got to see the southern part (Durango/Alamosa area, and the Boulder (and Winter Park) area. I really like the scenery out there and lack of humidity. There also seems to be endless possibilities of activities to get involved in. Plus there appears to be a lot of Companies in the Front Range area that employ engineers.
-Arizona (Phoenix area) - Pretty much my second choice by not much. I really like the dry weather, low cost of houses, and many things to do.
-Utah (maybe the SLC region? I was originally born in Layton, and haven't been back to Utah since I was 1 or 2 yrs old.
-Texas - Probably around the Dallas/Ft Worth area or Houston

-Other possibilities - South Carolina, North Carolina, Northern Kentucky, and Florida. The only place where I don't really see myself living is California for obvious reasons (Screwed up politics, high cost of living, etc.).

The hobbies that I am passionate about are as follows:
-Motocross/Off-Road (Riding and probably racing also; both trails and MX)
-Mountain Biking (Not so much the down hill type, but more trails and XC type riding)
-Eventually want to get into off-roading (Plan on building/modding a truck or SUV)

Since I am single, I would also prefer a town where I can meet new people my age (mid-20s or so), and not being a retirement community or in the middle of nowhere. I would also like to be somewhat near a college/university for people around my age, and for the sake of continuing education down the road. I want a place that offers a good amount of engineering jobs. (I AM STILL LOOKING FOR AN ENGINEERING JOB, SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY LEADS ON ONE, LET ME KNOW!) Where ever I end up moving, I will likely be trying to buy a house either immediately or rent for around 6 months then find a house.

So with all of that being said, I would like to hear what you guys have to say on the different places I have listed. I am also open to other places that you think would fit my interests and such. So, if you have the scoop on any of the places I mentioned, please tell me about the area, cost of living, places to ride (Both MX and Trails), activities, nightlife, seasonal weather, etc.

Thanks for the help! As I mentioned above, If you have any contacts or leads on a possible job opportunity please let me know either here or via private message.