Softball players? Come in here.-
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    Softball players? Come in here.

    So my wife started playing USSSA coed softball as part of her trying to get back into shape routine. She hasnt played since playing fastpitch in high school. Shes playing slowpitch now. I went to her first two games last night and while Im not very softball savvy, a few of the rules perplexed the crap out of me.

    1st: When a male batter is walked he takes second base and the female batter on deck is allowed to take first. When a female batter is walked she takes first base and the male batter on deck moves to hit. (They bat male -> female -> male etc...).

    I was told this is to keep the pitching team from walking a male batter in order to get to a weaker female batter (which I assure you is not always the case, I watched a couple of girls murder the ball into the deep outfield). But it seems like an incredibly lop sided rule. All this did was allow the batting team to take advantage and not swing and take the walk loading the bases after two batters.

    2nd: Male outfielders are not allowed to throw a caught ball to 1st base, the ball must be thrown to another infielder and then relayed to first base.

    I was told that this is because a female baserunner was beaned with a ball from the right outfielder and actually caused her brain damage. I really dont see as how being male or female has anything to do with this and I know some of those girls can throw faster than some of the guys.

    The 2nd rule I can deal with but the 1st one seems to be a real game changer and very easily taken advantage of. I could deal with putting the guy to second instead of first but I dont understand in the least why they get to walk two people instead of just one. Anyone care to enlighten me on the subject?
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    They don't drink lots of beer in the dugout anymore? Thats how I played league softball years ago.
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    I'm on a couple teams concurrently (that have different rules) but I'll give my $0.02:

    As far as I know, the female batter can only take 1st after the male is walked if there are 2 outs. At least that's how we've played it here in the Bay Area as well as down in San Diego. Realistically, your average male batter will hit better than a female batter, and the walk rule is there to prevent intentional walking of big hitters.

    The second rule truly is a safety rule - I've seen many people hit (both male and female) when an outfielder tried to wing it to 1st (or 3rd from right field).

    Many of our girls (my girlfriend included) are awesome players and can outplay most of the guys in the infield. That's why in co-ed, the strength of the team is usually determined by the female component. The gender-specific rules just amplify the strength of the women on the team.

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    I have played in church leagues for 20 years and we do not have those two rules. We have our share of odd rules, though. For example, we play 2 strikes/3 balls and a foul with 1 strike is a strikeout. In the end, it is about fun. Anymore, I'm happy anytime I play a game and don't get hurt.

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