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    Sanctity of Marriage

    Over in the Passion Forum there's a thread about POTUS #43 riding his bike with Veterans in Texas. As a someone who served 13 years active and reserve time I have an opinion about him. So does my wife. While she never served she's a citizen of this country and as such is entitled to an opinion about every other citizen to include the resident of the White House past, present and future.

    So when I quoted her and stated "there's a special place in hell for W", someone on MTBR suggested what you can see in the capture below.

    I think it's typical of the conservative mentality to boast and wail that "marriage is sacred" and that it should be only for hetero couples, but when it's inconvenient or if the partner in the marriage thinks a different way they cast them aside. Which is what this person is suggesting I do.

    No thanks. If that MTBR member is suggesting I divorce her and find a woman more aligned with his way of thinking, I'll keep her. I like that she has a brain which is something that scares him more than it does me. Because if I did divorce her I guarantee she'll come for you just to make your life a hell on earth. And don't claim "I'm married." She'll entice you with no effort and you'll be husband #2 in no time because you're that weak.
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    While I find your honor admirable, with all due respect, why are you responding to someone whom is obviously a mental midget?

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    With lotsa people you just can't give them any power because it can go straight to their head and/or they may use it for evil. Same is true with the rep system. I can go on and on with story after story of how I'm constantly re-amazed at how foolish some people can be. Even my 9yo gets it. Calls some of the lifeguard at the pool "whistle blowers". Give some people a whistle and it's all good, while others use it to feed their ego and/or keep you down as low as them, it's that simple.
    Your entitled to your opinion, and so is your wife, don't let some online "Negger" cramp your style.
    I'd pos rep you again to off-set that sillyness, but seems I have to spread some around first.
    One thing that I keep learning, and becomes more and more true to me, is that in the end karma's gonna get you, again and again.
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    Joe Rogan says that the human mind is not designed for the macro-societal interactions with other humans the internet has created. If you really think about it, we are really no different than humans, on a cellular level, of 10,000 years ago. However, our technology has far surpassed our DNA.

    People of 10,000 years ago, and in remote areas of today, lived in tribal communities of 20-100 people. And guess what? They had/have drama within that little of a society. So, with billions of people, connected in "one tribe" called the internet - how in the hell are we supposed to deal with this, on a human level, when our DNA is really not engineered to take this? Yeah, we say we have the intelligence to deal, but the primal human, designed for survival, has limitations.

    Naturally, the negative words we read on our computers give us the same chemical reactions as if somebody was threatening us with a spear and a bone through their nose. Our bodies go through very smilier physical reactions - adrenaline, increased heart rate, etc. - just from words on the computer. Insane stuff.

    Here's your answer - don't play into it. Don't read your rep. I don't... Just as the ancient tribe probably had a "troll" or two, a tribe of 1,000,000 has thousands of trolls. I hope people leave me nice things, but unfortunately, there are probably a handful of d00chbags that are negative trolls who have the time to spread their negativity. Why be infected by them?

    Just like I stay away from people with the flu so I don't catch the flu, I stay away from negative people so I don't go down their negative path.

    Thanks to all those who have given me good rep; I truly appreciate it, But there are "infected" people out there and I'd like to stay healthy.

    If you're so worked up that you have to repost their negativity - then you have been "infected". Learn from this and stay away from it. Now that you're "sick", take your medicine - and that's positivity. There is way too much cool stuff going on MTBR that is worth your effort than to play into this twisted bullsh|t called "the rep system".

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    Yup, some really cool people round here, enjoy that and try not to give into the dark side by validating/responding to the haters among us. You'll be doing us all a favor, even the haters.
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    Ok I am stopping this thread too because there is a lot of vitriol going on now because of whatever the hell I don't care but I see nothing but more anger and vitriol.

    I am not stifling your expression, I am just preventing more hate.
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