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    Russell Brand

    I'll admit that I've only seen previews to a few of his movies and never bothered to watch them or check out his stand up. Mostly because in the previews of his stuff the humor seemed immature and came off (to me at least) as the slapstick/raunchy English humor that seems too Benny Hillish.

    This video has changed my mind about Brand. He's obviously a very smart and talented comedian. The hosts of this show were quite rude but he rose above it with total class, wit, and charm.

    I've decided to check out more of his stuff.

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    Wow, I agree, funny stuff. I've seem him in a few movies and he always seems to play the same basic character. His ability to think on his feet in that interview was great and different from the rolls he plays. I'm going to have to look up some of his stand-up.

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    Very funny, and smashes the hosts of MSNBC show. In addtion to being quick witted and intelligent, he's very well spoken. I was impressed with his discussions with parliament about addiction... and contribution to reform
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    He takes some stick but gives it right back where necessary. I like him.
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    Russell Brand

    I saw this yesterday. Pure gold.
    The best take-away for me was the term 'Shaft Grabber'.

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    That was great. Maybe it was my speakers or maybe it was simply bad audio quality on the video or in the newsroom, but that made it really difficult to understand Russel through his accent at times. Regardless, that last minute or so was great.
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    his early standup is fantastic, very much in that vein, but lately, imo, he has become annoying and preachy.

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    I have found some of the movies he has acted in funny, but never really got into watching his show, Brand X. The way he ran circles around the hosts of that show was quite hilarious to watch though.

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    He has talent but annoys me.

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