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    RIP Phil Hughes

    So sad, such a tragic loss.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, the cricket fraternity and particularly Shaun Abbott, the young upcoming paceman involved.

    Phillip Hughes's death plunges cricket into mourning - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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    I heard about his injury last night on the radio. Really sounds like it was a freak accident. Tough loss for all.
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    Wow very sad. Is this the first such death from a ball hitting beneath the rim of the helmet. A very dangerous sport but with a lack of full protection.

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    Mookie, a freak accident is about the best way to describe it. No one is too blame and I have never seen a player hit like that before, although I am sure it has happened. He didn't take his eye off the ball, he wasn't turning away from the bouncer or trying to duck under it, he simply miss timed his shot.

    DJ, it's not a game I would have ever classified as dangerous. Yeah it hurts when you get hit with a ball and there have been some pretty bad injuries but they are not the norm. As for the lack of full protection, whilst I am sure there will be helmet designers around the world scrambling to work out a way to give more protection I really don't think it is feasible. A classic batting stance is side on to the bowler so before a ball is bowled you already have your head almost at full rotation so your head is facing them. The range of shots you play mean you need to be able to have full range of motion through your shoulders so having helmets that come down low enough to the base of the skull to protect the cerebellum just won't allow you the freedom of movement you need to be able to play the game properly. As stupid as it sounds, having too much protection actually makes it harder, and probably more dangerous, to bat well. I don't remember the last death in cricket, a quick google has shown 5 or 6 prior to this including an umpire. 2 of those were balls hitting the chest, one bursting an abscess in the lung, the other a direct hit to the heart. One was a fielder that got hit and the other 2 were batsmen hit in the head. Given how many people play the game worldwide every year, they are small numbers.

    How Many Cricket Players Have Been Died During Match Sporteology

    Edit: Damn that was quick, wiki have already updated the stats.

    Cricket ball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    A full explanation of the injury suffered. The blow didn't directly cause the brain injury but compressed the vertebral artery which subsequently spit causing a major bleed into the brain.

    Phillip Hughes dies after shock hit at SCG | SBS News
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