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    R.I.P. Jake Burton Carpenter

    He may have been the founder of Burton Snowboards, but he was truly the founder of snowboarding. Thanks for bringing my second favorite sport to the masses. #rideonjake


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    I had a friend that did business with Jake Burton. He never mentioned him without talking about how generous he was.
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    My first stick was a Craig Kelly Mystery Air, was a big fan of Burton Snowboards.

    RIP, Jake.
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    This really hits a soft spot with me. I met him in 1977 before he made it big, in the middle of him inventing these contraptions. A buddy and I used to ski at Mary Jane [Winter Park] Colorado weekly in the late 1970’s. One day in 1977 we were driving up the long windy mountain road to the resort. A week day I’m sure, we always were up there on any week day we could muster. Weekends we were also there, our go to place. On our way up one day we see these guys on the side of this curvy mountain road coming down the powder fields along side on these weird wooden board contraptions. Basically a wooden Solomon water ski is how I compared it to.

    We couldn’t believe what we were seeing so we pulled over and watched for a while. They’d ride down then snow shoe back up then do it again. Crazy sights, on their first run down we were so intrigued we talked to them for a bit. One of the guys was Jake Burton, I remember him telling me he was working on perfecting this thing in his garage for years. We were in awe, got back in our car and continued on to go skiing. About 2-4 years later it seems the snowboard thing hit. It took many years later until they were finally main stream and allowed on the resorts. Many resorts wouldn’t give in, one by one over the years they did. My one claim to the history of snow boarding was watching the prototype being tested by Jake Burton himself, a fleeting moment of conversation and a half an hour of watching. I cherish those memories, especially now. We were 16 to 17 year old kids out partying it up ski bumming it up. We had no idea what we just witnessed. It didn’t dawn on me until years later when these boards hit the market.

    R.I.P. Jake
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    An inspiration to many millions I'm sure.
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    That's way too young to go. Ride on Jake. I had my scare with T cancer. I've been clean 20 years this past February. Kinda surreal to be in the hospital watching your daughter being born, then wheeled downstairs to go under the knife a couple hours later.

    I had a Performer back in 88 while going to school in Utah. I did a lot of resort poaching. I'm not even sure Alta allows snowboards to this day. Right now I'm still riding a Supermodel and a Malolo for pow days. Both are 15 years old and going strong. I'll be carving with a little more passion this winter.
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    WTF, that's a bummer.
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