Living on handouts - The new normal.-
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    Living on handouts - The new normal.

    Hand out maps that is.*
    Watching the news.
    To the east. 110 in a vast desert.
    To the west, police cars and banks burning in San Diego.
    To the south, El Centro and Tecate with the highest virus case loads , TJ morgue working 3 shifts.

    North sounds good, roll on.

    Lots of hand out maps for the local area. Jeep roads and trails to get away from the border area. Loads of bike trails from Sacramento to Tahoe. Non existent gravel trail across Nevada.

    Idaho has some National Forest roads and trails. More than any one person can ride. Free hand out maps for the section I am in, not the next forest over. Anybody want to expand the hot springs route to a much longer cold creeks route?

    Anybody know of a Greater Yellowstone route? The Federal Government passes out free National Geographic Maps of the area around Yellowstone. A route that circles the park without going in could be, . . hmmm,, GOOD.

    Going on 2 months now, I have been rolling over, er pushing over passes on some back woods public lands.

    Afraid to ride a bus or train and not sure where I am going. Living and planing on free hand out maps. Might not be funny. My income has been cut in half by the corona virus. Most of the things I have been doing every year for more than 20 years are canceled or closed.

    After years of REi garage sales, I have gear hidden under boxes and in corners. Shoes I never wore. No money for a new bike frame, but the 3 I have are up and running.

    No one agrees. Except for one thing. Lies are being told. They seem to be working. I am terrified. Was the virus created in the basement of Sharps Chula Vista hospital by a neurosurgeon named Beatrice, and used as a weapon to get people to except implantable micro chips? Was it paid for by drug dealers from Tel Aviv to get even With Trump for burning their product? Did the Chinese get attacked, then this time send the virus back to New York in retaliation for an hidden economic war? (Don't dish it out if you cant take it.)

    Who knows.

    Or is the great Zombie Apocalypse even real?
    That is not the question.

    Where to ride, that is the question?

    If I find another open library I will read the answers to the where to ride our bikes question.

    Beat the beep. Leave your phone and other electric things at home, I did

    * Is that a bad joke?

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    How did this not get some traction? Sounds like life on the road to me.

    With the bike in tow, enjoy every day.
    Will you shut up, man?!

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    The virus is over. You can come home now.
    Ripping trails and tipping ales

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    The virus is us.

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    DB Cooper lives!

    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    The virus is mutating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vader View Post
    The virus is over. You can come home now.

    You want to go north? go to SF or Sacramento. Hell go further to Portland. I hear its peaceful there. This might be your new normal but my normal has not changed.
    Dont make me go all Jonathan Winters on this gas station.

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