kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)-
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    kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)

    In a great moment of why bother? I got this thing for free but it didn't work..

    so I have a bunch of assorted tape deck belts I got awhile ago for my other walkman.. I figured.. meh I'll take it apart and fix belt... which i did... put i back together and it works (kewl) and then I figured out it is mono... ... too bad the quality of the build is quite decent (made in Japan) .. but I don't really need a personal cassette recorder that only plays back in mono.. however the built in speaker is kinda funny...

    who knows maybe someone will use one of these in a movie / tv show (if you make movies / tv shows PLEASE put on of these in your movie / show and maybe it will become worth $?)

    anyways.. kewl retro looking Sony TCM-57 that is fairly useless in 2019

    pic of belt swap: sooo many tiny screws to remove.. actually not that many 8~ or so but they are tiny little things)

    it was interesting luckily found service manual for similar unit made changing belt less of a hassle.. and I'm glad I did it.. but what I'll do with this thing now??? no idea..

    oh yeah my other Sony walkman.. this one I also had to change the belt on .. These collapse down in size when no tape is in unit. I had one of these as a kid.. the feature is now and then more of a nuisance than anything as it makes fumbling one of these easier as I recall that is what ended the one I had as a kid.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)-20191122_190118.jpg  

    kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)-20191122_161956.jpg  

    kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)-20191122_162950.jpg  

    kewl ..yet useless? in 2019 Sony TCM-57 cassette recorder (mono)-mdrv6_walkman.jpg  

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    Mixed tapes.... Love em

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark View Post
    Mixed tapes.... Love em
    I favorite thing to make back in the day.
    Quote Originally Posted by mileslong View Post
    I passionately remove rocks and corners and other stuff I find too hard to ride.

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    Check out this doc on Prime....

    Makes me want to dig out my old Onkyo deck and boxes of cassettes.
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