Did Climber Have to Cut Off Arm to Save Life?

He was hiking in 2003 at my favorite hiking spot in the USA, Southeastern Utah. I think more like Central Utah West of Moab if he was doing the maze (Canyonlands). My father has hiked there but I never did the maze (I did do Horseshoe Canyon as a kid). What's relevant to this site is that the search and rescue official told the reporter most of the airvac accidents are mountain bikers in this area of Utah. Given that much of the terrain is sandstone and bedrock, crashing is going to be very bad I would think. I've never biked Moab yet, can't wait.

Here's another link if you are brave enough to bring a bike to the maze (way more remote than Moab): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kup0x-CJR4c