I was hoping some of you could take 5 minutes and take a survey that I made for a marketing class. I am in the Engineering Management Graduate program at CU Boulder (Undergrad was Mechanical Engineering). In this class we are mock launching a new venture based on a product idea. If you could take this survey it will really help with my market research.

As for the product, please keep an open mind and role play a little. Don't focus on the tiny details of the design because that is not the focus of the class. Basically, I am introducing an electronic active suspension system for mountain bikes. Think of it as Magnetic Ride Control for a mountain bike where the damping and compression will be adjusted automatically based on sensor feedback, multiple times per second. The idea is that the rider would never need to adjust the suspension, which is often very confusing for beginners. This would, in theory, provide huge suspension performance gains just like the technology has for automobiles and motorsports.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes please take this survey. It is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions just ask.