Galaxy s3 or wait for iphone 5?-
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    Galaxy s3 or wait for iphone 5?

    Im going to be needing a phone very soon. Through the iphone rumors the screen should be 4 inches. Other than that i havent heard of much new technology coming in that would amaze me. Reason why Im still consider waiting for the iphone 5 is the iphone has better apps and accessories. It takes a while for google to get them. The s3 is tempting me right now since my droid 2 global is on its last leg. It has a 4.8 inch screen, but ive been hearing some people have been experiencing lag on apps and the internet? That is one thing i cant stand; when its not smooth. I also really like the pop out youtube button, really a next generation tool. Anybody convince me to stay with android?

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    I'm no Android expert. And I don't know much about the G3.

    I like my Galaxy S[1] just fine, as far as the hardware, screen, size are concerned.

    But I'm not sure I'll buy another Samsung phone -- the whole thing kind of played out like people told me it would with Samsung. Updates were very slow to roll out, not real well done when they did, and nothing for about a year now. The phone has become so buggy and problematic -- freezes every other day, sometimes in bad spots, like trying to make a call. GPS has never worked great. And, as predicted by some hard-cores, Samsung doesn't seem to care. Granted, it is almost 2 yrs old (I got it the day the GS was released on Verizon), but it has been frustrating for the last several months.
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    Why stop at the iphone5? Just wait another six months for the iphone6.

    If you're going to chase the latest and greatest you're never going to happy. Get an iPhone 4 and be happy with it.

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