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Thread: f^ck cancer

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    f^ck cancer

    My buddy Merlin, a cat we adopted from the humane society, has cancer. Even if I had a million dollars I wouldn't put him through chemotherapy. He's 14 and has had a great life.

    Shortly after we were married we returned to our "new" home that we'd been in only a few weeks. It had mice and after I trapped a few dozen I decided I needed professional help. So we went to the humane society and looked at adoptable cats. There was a pair sharing a "cell" so we thought they'd get along and be buddies. Merlin was very timid and the staff was calling him "Hershey". I asked why they called him that and they said he'd never had a firm stool. That pissed me off so I knew I had to take him home.

    He was a decent mouser. He would catch and kill them but he didn't eat them. It was easily 5 years before he would let us pet him. He'd been semi-feral but eventually he took to me and the wife and would walk on us once we were under the covers.

    He was also a great alarm clock. For years I got to work on time because he'd poke my forehead with his claws after the alarm sounded.

    After a couple weeks of him losing weight and diminishing appetite I took him to the vet yesterday. Except for a crazy high white blood cell count and very low red blood cell count he's "fine."

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    Very sorry to hear about Merlin. Pretty Kitty! You're doing it right. Warmest regards during this journey.

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    We made a very cruel deal with nature when we started domesticating animals and making the pets. The best, most loyal friends we would ever have, but only for a short while.

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    looks like my Spooky. she was a semi-feral kitten when found behind my wife's vet clinic. they took her in and gave her attention and she eventually calmed down. we never could teach her to scratch on the scratching post, so a front declaw was in order before she got too old. we brought her home while I was recovering from cancer 3yrs ago. she's a great cat now.

    I wouldn't put an old pet through chemo, either. we had a 2nd cat when we brought spooky home who had major kidney failure problems secondary to hyperthyroid treatment. treating the kidney failure would have been harsh so we didn't put her through it.

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