Caves, Vacation, Fire and Marshmallows-
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    Caves, Vacation, Fire and Marshmallows

    We're up in the Gold country of California. I've got a weeks Vacation going. Got my first Call from India this evening, Called my Manager to tell him how to put the fire out.

    Went to Black Chasm Cavern yesterday, Very spectacular.

    Was in Moaning Cavern today... 165 ft. deep. my Cave pics just don't do them justice. ( googly for better pics )

    Stopped in Columbia for some gold panning , shaved Ice and chatting up the BlackSmith.

    Then we got back and started the camp fire and had smores.

    Lightning and thunder storms are in the area now.
    and it's time for bed.
    Hey Miraculous... Go Raiders ! .

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    Second photo reminds me of this guy.

    Otherwise, looks like a fun trip!
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    Cool cave pics!
    I am fascinated by caves. There are a couple of places singlesprocket and I ride that have caves that we have explored. One cave we found a couple of empty-beer bottles... so much for feeling like we were there first!

    We also went on an underground gold mine tour in Timmins, which was also an amazing experience. We got to see the old equipment and ride in the rail car and see veins of gold in the rock. We were the last tour group before they closed the mine to visitors and began mining the remaining gold.
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    Looks like a great time Fishbucket!! Enjoy your vacation!! I now have a craving for smores.
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    Looks like fun Fishbucket! Did you bring a few rods with you? Always gotta be prepared in case you happen upon some fishy looking waters.

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    Thanks Guys !

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawg View Post
    Did you bring a few rods with you? .
    " This is the first trip ever we've been on where it's not a fishing trip"
    " He didn't even bring a fishing pole ! "

    ^^^ what my wife was saying to her friend on the phone, on our way to the campground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bro View Post
    Second photo reminds me of this guy.
    In all the caves and caverns the tour guides look for things like that.

    In that pic above, we can see George Washington and Ab Lincoln,
    Hey Miraculous... Go Raiders ! .

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    Very cool.

    Last summer, on our drive to Jackson Hole, we stopped in for a tour of Lehman Caves in Great Basin NP. Highly recommended.

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    I too can see a couple of Gollums looking to the left in that second pic, funny thing is I think they are stuck inside a stormtroopers helmet.

    I also love caves, long deep dark ones with small openings that appear to have no end, this was taken in Wombeyan Caves about 2 months ago.

    Caves, Vacation, Fire and Marshmallows-copy-dsc02250.jpg

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