• 03-04-2015
    Brilliant idea? Or maybe not.
    I was watching some specials on Everest the past few days, and I was thinking....would you be able to cut the trip to the summit by riding a fatbike part of the way? I realize that once you get to the steps at the top, a bike wouldn't be useable anymore, but what about getting to the higher base camps on a fatbike. Or maybe, people could use a fatbike to get back down - maybe it would cut the time substantially and save lives. Just my brilliant :idea: of the day.
  • 03-04-2015
    net wurker
    Yes, brilliant.
  • 03-04-2015
    the ultimate downhill bike race.
  • 03-05-2015
    Brilliant, but already been done.

    Mountain Bike Route - Everest Base Camp
  • 03-05-2015
    Finch Platte
    I did it, it was rad. Had my drums in my backpack and played a solo at the summit.