Brain stuck in recursive loop-
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    Brain stuck in recursive loop

    I can't stop listening to Muse's Olympic song. I have it on replay and it goes and goes. Am I going crazy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_BC View Post
    Am I going crazy?
    Well, you did use the term recursive on an internet thread title in the OC section of mtbr. Otherwise, I think it's pretty normal to have an endless Muse track repeating in your head. Frankly, I find the catchiness of some of their tunes quite sinister.
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    I'd say a little crazy, but not too much. Your good..
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    Its no coincidence . . . have you seen their new album cover? Its a diffusion tensor image of the white matter pathways extending up through the brain stem and outward to the cortex. I know the person who did the image.

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    I thought it was a frayed fibre optic cable. Their 2nd Law song is also in my head for the rest of the time.
    All I am saying is give pizza chants

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    If you don't have a reoccurring song played in a loop in your head you would form air pockets. So you're pretty normal. True story!
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