Bikecamping gear list... American Preppers?-
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    Bikecamping gear list... American Preppers?

    So as I'm reviewing my gear list for doing some camping this season, I'm noticing that I am not that far off from the packing list that most of those doomsday preppers use on that prepper show.. whatever channel its on.

    So, umm.. am I a prepper? If anarchy starts to rule the streets, I shall take my bike and go camping...

    Yea.. so if I get a gas mask, I guess this would put me in with "those people"

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    A gas mask and a cache of weapons would make you a prepper! For now it looks like you are well prepared for adventure.

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    There is one thing that really gets me about that show (and most people I talk to). Everyone thinks that they need a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or ICBM.. but really? Ok.. you have 5,000 rounds of ammunition.. what happens afterwards? Are you going to be able to make your own ammo? Make your own gunpowder? Do you have the know how and facilities to do so in a "post-apocolyptic" scenario?

    I think I'll keep my compound bow, tyvm. If the cams break down, no sweat, I'll rig it up to be a standard bow. Arrows and arrowheads are a wee-bit easier to make than ammunition, especially if you're on the go and can't stay in one place for too long.

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    It's really odd, something must be in the air cos I was just thinking about the Prepper thing this morning for some reason... now here's this...
    It's all Here. Now.

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    The end is coming! IT IS COMING! I swear.

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