Any Style That You Might Lose by Learning Technique Is Probably Not Worth Saving-
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    Any Style That You Might Lose by Learning Technique Is Probably Not Worth Saving

    Growing up, I had a friend who didn't want to do guitar lessons because he was afraid he might lose his unique style. I always thought that was short-sighted. And I feel like no matter what the discipline is, people maintain and even develop a certain personal style as they learn stronger technique.

    I've been thinking about that a little more since taking a MTB class. I was never really against the idea, though way back when I started it seemed sort of silly and I didn't necessarily think I had much to gain before taking the class. But, I think it was actually really good. And while I see myself as a very strong skier, I usually take a lesson at some point most seasons, and I usually take something away from it.

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