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    Adventures with family (non-bike)

    Anyone want to post up your non-bike family activities?

    We live within walking distance of a wooded creek. When my sons get bored we sometimes walk under a nearby bridge we throw rocks into the creek. They could spend hours (and hours) just throwing rocks in the creek.

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2224.jpg

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2221.jpg

    After I talked them into going for a walk in the woods we came across this on the trail.

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2235.jpg

    "What's that!?!", they asked. Now, if I were a smart man, I would have said "gee, I don't know." Instead I said "looks like a pair of panties." The seven year old then asked, "why would someone take off their panties out here?" "Uhhh, I'm not sure."

    Farther in the woods there's an abandoned VW beetle. We've trekked to it a few times before. It's actually down stream from a low spot on a nearby road. I assume someone drove into flood waters at some point in the past and the car just went on into the woods.

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2237.jpg

    Seats and other pieces are all over the woods and in the creek.

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2265.jpg

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2246.jpg

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2254.jpg

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2257.jpg

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2264.jpg

    Adventures with family (non-bike)-img_2267.jpg

    All in all, a very fun outing for those two.

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    Next time bring some fishing poles and some cold ones.
    Yip yip yip nope nope nope

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    Round and round we go

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    Nice! Cool trip!

    Thing I never understood is why people don't pack their undies back out whenever they get freaky in the woods. lol

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    well, i dont have a family of my own yet, just me, the stud, and our pets. but if we're not biking, we're hiking. thats pretty much it!

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    My kids have been doing swimming and baseball. My son and I have been doing some fishing (and MTB'ing). My 9 year old daughter doesn't like riding in the woods, so I'm trying to get her more into road riding and need to find some other activities that she will enjoy.

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