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    Whats your favorite high carb bar?

    Im looking for something fairly specific here. Something in the 30g per bar range that's NOT coated in chocolate. Ive got my nutrition on the bike for endurance stuff pretty nailed down: 2 scoops of Tailwind in a 21oz bottle + half a bar at the top of every hour. This puts me in the 65g carbs/hr range, which is perfect. The problem is, I hate Clif bars and everything else that's in the 25g+ range are coated in chocolate. This is fine for the winter, but come summer throwing those in my jersey pockets are going to be no good.

    Taste obviously matters but I'm ok washing it down if its not great. I just need something that's not liquid once per hour or my stomach starts getting sloshy and gross feeling during long events.

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    I like 2 fig bars, ~25gm carbs depend on brand/size. There is Nabisco of course, but there are other more potentially healthful brands.
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    I feel like ive heard this before, but must have forgotten. This would definitely be much cheaper than bars also... going to give these a shot on my long ride this Friday. Thanks for the info.

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