Stomach pain on long rides-
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    Stomach pain on long rides

    I'm getting ready for a 50 mile charity ride and in training I'm finding that after about mile 35, I start feeling stomach pains. I'm feeling hungry, but the idea of eating doesn't sound good.

    During my rides, I'm staying hydrated, going though about 20 or so ounces of water an hour, supplemented with Skratch. I eat a Clif gel about 45 minutes...all this works on my shorter rides.

    Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong or what I need to change? I know everyone is different, but I'd love to hear with others do on long rides.

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    My initial thought is that you aren't eating enough or waiting too long to eat. This is fine on shorts as you can just eat after, but it's important to keep your intake up on longer rides. Instead of waiting until I'm hungry I like to just eat smaller amounts more often.

    For example instead of waiting 45 and eating a gel, I like to carry Clif Shot Bloks and just eat a few here and there, maybe like 1 pack per hour. It's also nice to mix it up with different foods like nuts or fruit so your stomach doesn't get upset from gel overload.

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    along with what Mikey that cereal lover said,

    You may also have to find some food that works for you. Certain brands just don't sit well with me.

    Now, if all else fails, go natural. Little red potatoes cooked and in a bag/box where you can get to them works.

    You might also look to a gel that has protein. I use Accel gels here and there. Proteins don't always agree with everyone. So, try them before your event.
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    This might be too simple, but make sure your hydration bladder/water bottles are clean. Funk in a bladder can cause this.

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    Hmmm - this sounds nasty.

    Not saying that I have all the answers to anything, but;

    I would check that your hydration system is clean - as mtc71 says. I've experienced this where I hadn't rinsed or looked in my water bottle when mixing my drink before a race and it had the remainder of the last drink in it... I can only guess that some of the sugar had started to ferment because it tasted foul... Got a headache and super queasy from drinking it too.

    I would also try to test different foods - remember that you don't necessarily need to eat carb gels, energy bars and the like - so long as it has the nutrients you require and doesn't choke you when you try to eat it on the move it can be whatever you fancy - my personal favorite is Snickers bars - lots of chocolate, sugar and salt mmmmmmmm! I also like Squeezy energy gels with caffiene. Maxim gels are good too but I'm lucky though - I can eat more or less anything and my stomach will accept it.

    I liked the potato idea! I also heard that pickles / pickle juice can help to stave off the dreaded cramp too - but I've never been brave enough to try...

    I usually aim to drink a sip once every 15 minutes or so and eat a bite (not the whole thing but just a bite - try to spread the food out over the whole ride) after the first hour then every 45 mins after. Also don't be over confident as you are getting to the end of the race and start thinking that you don't need to eat / drink as you are coming to the end - bonking / energy depletion can happen any time and it is bitter if it happens right at the end.

    Have you ruled out any underlying medical conditions? Do you get stomach pains at other times other then riding? If not then it could be the drink / gels you are using are not suited to you for longer rides where you are really emptying out your fuel stores...

    Good luck for the event!

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