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    Osmo nutrition, changing everything!

    I recently started using Osmo brand and have had great results. I was very skeptical at first, but upon using this stuff I am hooked. Osmo changes the way we have all been trained, take calories, gels, chews, etc while riding, instead their formula is glucrose, sucrose and sodium, maximizing fluid absorption for proper hydration. They recommend a real snack while riding, Clif bar, no other sugary or gel products! that stuff slows down our bodies from proper hydration, just like card/calorie drinks. I have felt very strong during longer rides, 40-80 miles of single track and dirt now that I am using Osmo, never cramping or "Bonking"
    Some people have commented on how strong I am this year, and no I do not spin in the winter, just keep in shape @ the gym. We have had a few hot weeks here in Michigan and I haven't missed a beat riding! of course I drink H2O all day so I am properly hydrated. I do miss my Infinite, but I am seeing better results with Osmo. I do not work, nor am I sponsored by Osmo, I just ride a ton and enjoy feeling great on every ride. BK

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    sounds pretty good to me, i might give it a try
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    I know a few people who really enjoy the benefits! If you do try it, read their Q&A, gels/gu's/sugar based crap is not recommended. Real foods are what needs to be taken in before, during and after rides, not sugar.

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    I see the Tour De France riders drinking Cokes. Maybe sugar isn't so bad?

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