Nutrition During Ride-
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    Nutrition During Ride

    Noob question:
    When riding I find that eating one-half of a cliff bar per hour works well to keep me from bonking. Is there an equivalent form of nutrition that's smaller/less bulky?

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    Whelp... you just put one foot into the vast realm of cycling nutrition. Get ready to have your mind explode as you attempt to make sense of it all!

    You can really eat whatever you want, as long as it doesn't upset your stomach... that being said there are certainly better things that you can eat.

    I'm not an expert, but here is what I do for long rides...

    I try and intake around 200-250 calories an hour. My favorite way of doing this is to use Tailwind (drink powder that you put in your water). Then in addition to this I eat a snack every 1-1.5 hours. Some people can get by with only using tailwind (or whatever mix they like), but I like having some solid food as well. I find that the tailwind stops me from cramping, and makes it more difficult to bonk.

    The solid foods that I like the most are: waffles from honeystinger or whoever, lara bars, clif bars, snickers bars, peanut butter wraps with a banana in them, beef jerkey, cashews, and lots of other things.

    For shorter rides I don't use any drink mix, and just bring along a Gel.

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    2 Fig Newtons has about as many carbs (22g) as half a clif bar, plus figs have potassium. I buy a fancy local brand package of fig bars that taste better. A Honey Stinger waffle has about as many carbs too, but they tend to have a lot more fat, so you'd have to see how that works for digestion on the types of riding you are doing. They are delicious for sure. Also, some people run into issues mixing their carb supply with their water, so this might be worth a read.

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