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    Loss of appetite from riding?

    Yesterday I got up around 8, ate my typical breakfast I eat almost everyday, drank my coffee, did a few chores and went out mountain biking. It was a little cooler, I think it only got up into the low/mid 80s F, also wasn't as humid as it has been. I drank plenty of water and ate one Clif Bar. I rode a little more than 18 miles, which is about the max I've ever ridden, finishing around 2:00. I stopped and bought some dark chocolate almond milk and drank a good bit; reading the carton, appeared to be about 3 cups/300 total calories.

    I got home and I just wasn't hungry for lunch so I didn't eat. I took a long break, spent some time on this site, etc. Then I went down to work on the basement that I'm finishing. Around 5, my wife asked when I wanted to eat dinner. I still wasn't feeling hungry and she wasn't either so we decided to wait until 8:30 when our son would be coming home from work. I ate a good dinner, but not any more than I normally would.

    This isn't the first time I've seemed to lose my appetite from riding, though this was more extreme than in the past. I'd wondered before if it was from the heat but it wasn't bad that day. I didn't have a huge dinner the night before, just a great pizza with my family. Runkeeper says I burned about 1,100 calories. I don't need to lose weight, quite the opposite, my weight drops in the summertime to the point that my wife will tell me I need to stop exercising so much. It happened the first time about 4 years ago and everyone was worried about me, but my doctor said I was fine. For those not familiar with me, I am a pescatarian and I eat a good diet. Also drinking a beer as I write this, you know, just for the calories. I also don't have a physical job, I sit in front of a computer.

    Anyway, I'm not really worried about it but I find it odd that where most people talk about their appetite increasing from exercise, I'm getting the opposite effect.
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    I'm the same way chazpat. Just no appetite at all and have to force food down my gullet, not necessarily to prevent too much weight loss but the body needs food to stay healthy. I call that healthy look but internally weak immune system 'sickly', can't really see it but know the body isn't really healthy even though it looks it.

    In the past, when I'd start a weightlifting program I'd be famished all the time, just consuming mass amounts of food. Eventually that gives way to loss of appetite too and I have to be aware that I have to keep food coming in to prevent getting 'sickly'. I'm assuming it's the initial muscle mass increase that makes my body need to consume so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazpat View Post
    Anyway, I'm not really worried about it but I find it odd that where most people talk about their appetite increasing from exercise, I'm getting the opposite effect.

    Yeah that's weird for sure, sometimes I'll go for a ride just to make the beer and food taste better afterward.
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    To paraphrase, some people eat to ride. I ride to eat.


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    I happens to me too. I feel more hungry during my day at the office or after hitting weights at the gym. In fact, I've dropped 5lbs (weight I didn't need to lose either IMO) since the summer season has picked up.

    It also depends on your diet, but I've been more focused on fat-fueling over carbs. So at least for me I think I'm hitting ketosis during my longer rides on the weekend. Including driving time I'm usually out for 6 hours and only eat a handful of nuts and a few dates/figs during my ride. It's good thing I don't need to down a gatorade and pop gels every 30-60mins like most of my riding buddies.

    Overall, I don't think there's any concern here. Unless your diet is way off. What I would say is just eat more after your ride even if you don't think/feel you need to. And if you don't want to drop weight but you are riding more, you'll likely need to eat more than makes you comfortable. At least on your riding days.

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