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    Hydration Questions

    Apologies if this is something that's been answered before, I did some quick looking around and didn't see anything exactly like this. Also I've asked some medical folks I know and they look at me like I'm an idiot.

    I'm trying to understand the point where water, as things are added to it, no longer becomes hydrating. We know that a bottle of Pepsi doesn't hydrate you. We know that salt water from the ocean doesn't hydrate you. But my question is at what point of concentration of the additives does that happen? Same question for Equal, Sucralose, etc. Diet Coke is not hydrating.

    So if I have a 12oz bottle of Poland Spring, and I start adding sugar to it 1g at time, when is it no longer a hydrating beverage? What about if i chug a 12oz. can of diet coke, but then drink an 8oz. glass of water; most would say that water hydrated me, but how does my stomach know the difference? If I pour that 12oz. can of diet coke in a jar and then add the 8oz. of water and drink them mixed, is that hydrating me?

    My real reason for asking is trying to understand supplements and workout drinks. I see some claiming to replenish electrolytes and hydrate you, but there's some sucralose in there. Are they lying or is it just a small enough amount that its still hydrating? And I know for a fact that some great hydration beverages actually have a fair amount of sodium to help replenish the sodium lost during sweat, but how much is too much to where its ocean water and not hydrating me?

    Ok, I think you get the point. Rant over. Help!

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    you are already starting out with bad info

    a bottle of pepsi doesn't hydrate you ? where do you come up with this stuff ?

    Diet Coke is not hydrating....ok yeah well...I once went 256 miles non-stop all I drank was flat diet coke. so, eyah...you need to re-evaluate your education a bit there

    are there better things an athlete can drink besides pepsi or diet coke ? sure. but to say they don't hydrate is 100% f-a-l-s-e

    seawater is not good, you got that one right

    a friggin hamburger will hydrate you to some degree...a steak will. a potato. man...
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    Yeah, the rap on soft drinks and other water-brewed beverages as not hydrating is bs. Even the diuretic effect of caffeine and other ingredients doesn't offset the hydrating quality.

    That 256 miles on flat Diet Coke has to be an interesting story.

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    Ok, have read alot of negative press on Diet Soda, sugary drinks, etc. that they do NOT hydrate you. So I'll add the feedback from you folks as a check in the opposite column, thanks. So how about the overall question about the point in which it goes from hydrating to non-hydrating. I'd just like to have a way to look at ingredients and know how hydrating something is based on how much sugar, sodium, etc. it has. I think we can agree that BEER is not hydrating, but how much water would I have to add to a beer before it starts to be hydrating? Is there any math I can do on things like this or is it an art, not a science?

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    If itís got water in it, then itíll hydrate you to some degree. Thatís just the way it works.

    Soda is just hydration (water) plus obscene amounts of sugar (or sugar substitutes), artificial you-name-it, caffeine, phosphoric acid, etc, etc, etc... But itíll still hydrate you. You will not die of dehydration if you only drink soda and not water (as many people do, sadly). Itís the obesity and diabetes thatíll get you...

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