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  • 11-03-2016
    Good Nutrition Help
    Ive been trying to eat better for cycling. I race XC and Enduro. Here is what I did on the trainer today. Ive seen some improvment. But I simply want to maintain my physic. and what better way than having a good diet with your exercise. I have a almost healed broken wrist so I cant do some things, like actually ride. Im stuck on the trainer for a few more weeks.Just a point in the right direction will help.

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  • 11-09-2016
    No fast food and plenty of sleep! If you ride enough you really don't have to watch calories, unless your over weight, then just eat half of what you normally do, your fist is the size of your stomach.

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  • 11-12-2016
    Choice Cut Nutrition
    I get it man. Gotta keep the figure.

    Fresh everything! Fill up on vegetables, eat smaller portions of whatever entree. Whole grains, lean meats. No processed foods. Whole foods will keep you body performing well.

    Fueling pre-ride/race you can go a little more refined on carbs because you are looking for quick digestion.

    Really, this is an issue of periodizing your diet with your training/racing season. We lean down during the initial stages of training so we can focus more on quality training rides during the stages leading up to race time.

    Hope this helps.