Figuring out nutrition and sleep for multi day rides.-
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    Figuring out nutrition and sleep for multi day rides.

    I figured I would start a new thread rather than tack onto someone else's thread. I am trying to set up for some longer bikepacking trips of extended multi day.
    I have nearly everything figured out except my own damned body. I basically have never had to do much to accomplish what I wanted to do. At the end of a ride I sit down and go over what worked, what did not work and what needs improvement. I have sleep figured out when I am not working hard every day but not so much on extended exertion. Probably due to the nutrition problem.
    First off I have trouble keeping enough sodium in my system and probably other electrolytes even though I do not sweat much. Water just runs right through me. If I hydrate a lot I have to stop a lot to take a leak. I also do not process sugars like I use to and do better with starches and fats.
    Wednesday I did a 65 mile ride. I have found that eating a big greasy salty breakfast sets me up for about 50 miles on energy and electrolytes. I can bonk on just carbs really quickly. I at 5 slices of bacon, two jumbo eggs cooked in bacon grease, potatoes and buttered toast. I rode an hour and a half later and felt great. I was hydrating and eating granola bars. At about 40 miles I started the stopping routine and by 65 miles I felt all right, walked around a bit and then drove home.
    Thought I had dodged the bullet. I fueled up on protein when I got home but, have had recurrent leg cramps in the evening and during sleep. Its better today but damn. I can't be doing that and get out of sight. You don't get good sleep with leg cramps. Leg cramps are not an unusual problem for me.
    I figure I burned about 2,500 Calories for the ride. I have a fast metabolism but probably a sluggish lymphatic system. I am 65 yo.

    Suggestion on ways of being or things to think about is what I am after.

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    Look at eating a Mountain House or another type of dehydrated meal at night. One of the bad things about them is they have a lot of sodium in them. But in your case the extra sodium at night may help you hold some water as well.

    While I donít burn as many calories, thatís one thing I do when Iím hunting. Seems to work okay for that.

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    Sorry I am of no help, but you eating bacon for breakfast reminded me of this clip and it's just too funny not to share with ya

    Hope you get some answers to help you out (I'm no expert but bananas might help, I'm told potassium helps to negate cramping)

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