It seems in the past couple months I should be riding faster. When I time myself I seem to come in at about the same time as before. I am not sure it is a training issue or food or just tired of the same trail. Last season I remember feeling stronger (legs) on my most local trail. At that time I weighed about 168-160 lbs and was riding about 1-2 times a week along with a casual 5k run. Now I weigh about 165 but my legs feel like spaghetti after just a few miles. I also can sometimes have my back tighten up after a ride also. Currently I have been getting out riding about 2 times a week but no running. I usually have an energy gel while I ride to keep going. I have been eating alittle more since my wife got back from military training. I drink about 1 beer a night at the rate of about 5 nights a week. So about a 6 pack a week. Thoughts?