Commuting to work

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  • 07-16-2013
    Commuting to work
    Hi all,

    I commute to work everyday (weekday) by mountain bike and have done for the last 2-3 months. According to google maps the ride is 4.3 miles my ride there is fine I usually cover this in 25 minutes. My journey home however is a different story I have 2 major hills to conquer on my way home first one is very steep but is probably a quarter of a mile at most, this hill I cant even get half way before my legs give out, my legs start burning and feel like lead weights, so I end up walking up the hill while other cyclists shoot past me.

    The second hill while is definitely not as steep, goes for longer this one is about 1 mile. Im OK starting off but the id say a quarter of a mile in im walking.

    the total ride home is probably taking me 50 minutes. I make sure I eat before my ride home granted its usually a chocolate bar but, I do eat. I`m finding as well that I sweat alot and usually by the time I get home I can ring out my T-Shirt. when I get home my legs usually arnt sore or even aching really, but I knew if I get back on the bike and start peddling again they would.

    Weekends are usually rest days and I dont do any cycling for those two days.

    I guess i`m just after advice as to way I can improve, get quicker, and stop aching as much.

  • 07-16-2013
    Suffer through it and love the burn is the easy answer.

    Sounds like you just need to get in better shape.
  • 09-09-2013
    What do you do for work? If it's quite physical you might need to fuel up a bit more in the afternoon maybe have a banana as well.
    Good breakfast and lunch are important too.

    I have a similar commute but the hills are in the morning, work is pretty physically demanding and I am really smashed if I go for a longer (fun/training etc.) ride after work on top of it (commute & work & ride *phew*). Personally I think we need to harden up and ride more ;)