We all have our secret and proven "go to" tricks of helping us ride stronger, longer, harder in the saddle on our mountain bikes. And what works for some us may or may not work for others. You just have to experiment and try out what helps and affects your body the best pre-ride and on the trail. Take notes each time before you go out on a trail and log what you ate and drank BEFORE the ride, how long of time span you ate BEFORE the ride, what you drank and snacked on during the ride, any rest stops, etc. etc. It won't take you a very long time to assimilate after a short period of time what is working and what is not working. There are literally THOUSANDS of energy/protein bars, gels, and snacks out on the market. Instead of buying a whole box from Amazon try picking up a couple the next time you're in your LBS first. It may tastes like crap but at least your not stuck with a box of them! Trial and error my friends is your best friend to figure out your best when fueling/refueling your body.

For me, it came down to maximizing my rides by drinking a 16oz coconut water before my ride. It kept me hydrating efficiently and longer than anything else I had tried. And staying hydrated had a domino effect for me as I felt stronger in the saddle and was able to power up on techy sections or hard climbs.

P.S. My go to snack? After a crap ton of spent $$ I found that a good old peanut butter and maple syrup sandwich was what I needed!

Happy riding folks!