For over 50 years of riding, I carried everything I need to repair, hydrate and nurishment attached to the bike. I recently took delivery of a new Hardtail. So I deceided to try and keep everything off the bike and onto my back. Started with Thule’s new Vital 3 which holds 1.7 liters of water and all my needed tools, inflation and food. Now with 400 miles using a backpack, I discovered the following....

1. I took a great idea here and keep the pack in the freezer when not in use. Prevents growth in the bag but starting with a semi frozen bag, it keeps me cool with ice against your back, very nice.
2. Bike is already light and by keeping the weight low on my back, the bike is very responsive to my inputs, way better than loading up the bike.
3. Surprised how the pack almost disappears on my back except for the coldness against my warm back.
4. Removed my concerns about marring the bike with bags and other fasteners and keeps my beautiful frame fully exposed for the eye candy affect.
5. Carrying a firearm for protection against wildlife that want to eat me is a breeze
6. Downside is the time it takes to load the partially frozen bag in backpack.
7. Water stays colder longer by not being completely exposed to the sun.
8. Never have anything in my pockets anymore like keys etc. liberating.
9. Biggest downside is the cost of the bag.

I have not ridden in temps above 80 but so far, I am pleased with this fundamental change after decades.