Winter riding in Ashville?-
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    Winter riding in Ashville?

    Hi All! I am to spend January and February in Ashville.
    How's winter riding during those two months near Ashville? is it possible? does it get very cold, snowy, rainy, icy?
    I've been searching for this info here with no luck and decided to ask.

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    It's very possible and even recommended. There's all variety of weather from sunny and 60 to a foot of snow. We get multiple freeze/thaw cycles which can leave trails a huge mess and that's a detraction but there's 100's of miles of gated gravel roads to ride when trails are soup.

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    Yes, it gets very cold, snowy, icy rainy, warm, and dry. Ya just never know. But yeah, as noted above, if you’re hardy and adventurous, you can typically ride most of the winter. If the snow piles up, wax up the plank(s).

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    Temperatures are reasonable and snow levels are typically very modest, the problem is the rain. Western NC gets a lot of it and it takes a long time for the trails to dry out in the winter.

    Definitely bring your bike and ride the trails when dry but be prepared to ride gravel, trail run, or hit the whitewater when the trails are (frequently) wet.

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    It'll vary, this last year I'd say we had maybe a total of 3-4 weeks during the winter where you wouldn't want to ride and 2 weeks of that was in December, after a pretty good snow fall. You do have to be conscious of freeze/thaw and rain, but a lot of trails handle it fine, there are definitely those that don't, though.

    The year before, I think we had 3 snowfalls that kept me from riding the trails and it was more difficult to get out during the winter. The year before that, I was only visiting, but I think one of the times I came up it was 50+ degrees out.

    Bring your bike, just plan for everything temp wise.

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    thanks so much for your replies! they gave me a good idea of what to expect

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    if we get into the freeze thaw cycle, then you can often get out earlier in the day, before the thaw. You can ride almost anywhere when the ground is frozen- just need to watch for standing water/ice. Stay off trails once the thaw sets in

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    [email protected] very cold.

    it does get cold, but I moved down here from the midwest and have ridden in temps down to around or just below 0F. the temps here in Asheville aren't what keep me off the trail in the wintertime. In fact, I haven't even had to use my true cold weather riding gear here.

    That dump in December last year kept me off the bike, for sure. It was almost a week before I could even get my car out of my neighborhood. Got 14" of the stuff at my house. Then afterwards was the cleanup of all the downed trees, which happened to coincide with the gov't shutdown, which stretched out the cleanup. Ice storms are a risk here in wintertime, and those will keep me off the trails because I'm not going to spend $300 on studded tires that I'll use once or twice every few years.

    Otherwise, I rode all winter. Maybe not on singletrack the whole time. Did a good bit of gravel riding. Rode on the Parkway a couple times on sections that were closed to cars. Sometimes I rode early to beat the thaw. I avoided a few trails altogether, either because they were just muddy more often than not, or because I wasn't interested in deep river crossings in the middle of winter. But there was always something to ride.

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