• 09-25-2010
    Who else got to ride in the rain today?
    I was up on South Ridge, just past Sleepy Gap when the forest began to talk to me. That's a magical place; my very favorite in all of BC. You can tell you're there when you see only young fir trees up and down the slopes on either side of the road. Maybe it's only endorphins but if you give up the chase and dismount, you may feel the enchantment.

    Branches rustling and acorns dropping went from background music to "hey, the weathers about to change"! Then the temp dropped and that 'crackling' sound of raindrops on dry wood began. By the time I was pushing for the top after Chestnut Cove it began to pour. When I reached the gate I heard thunder and it was "come on feet!"

    At the car, I was gloriously soaked, which made reaching trails-end and shelter all the better.
  • 09-25-2010
    It was a "dry rain" - short & sweet.. You missed us, by maybe 30 mins. I was concerned about the talcum powder tread. Tomorrow's predicted weather will settle things down a bit. Those who just HAVE to ride, please stay on the service roads.


    Edit: Do Chestnut up from Explorer (my route to meet up with others today) - you'll see some cool trees and gain many new perspectives of the trail.
  • 09-25-2010
    Eddie Dingle
    ...the forest began to talk to me. That's a magical place; my very favorite in all of...

    *thumbs up*
  • 09-26-2010
    Yep - agreed, that's my favorite place in BC as well, actually that whole south ridge line that butts up against the parkway. We're lucky to live here and consider BC the "only if we have to" trails. :)
  • 09-26-2010
    No ride for me today, but
    About noonish ill be heading from Hardtimes,small creek up to the old cistern by "no name" trail and then going up to Shut-in.
    Ill then do Shut-in up to Bent Creek Gap and turn around and let it "flow" in the oposite direction....
    Of course this will be with my Adidas Adizero `s strapped to my feet as in running...
    Shut in Run is coming up, gotta train..
    Which leads me to think about the possibility of a "Loeb-otomy" ????
  • 09-26-2010
    "Shut in Run is coming up, gotta train.." Sounds like somebody already had that "Loeb-otomy" ............:p U-go-bro!