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    Wash Creek Rd occupants

    We rode up Wash Creek Rd today past where the gate was opened up recently and there is some potentially unsettling behavior going on back there.

    We personally saw a bunch of "campers" tossing beer cans into the woods and they had a group of 4 or 5 dogs (pitbulls I think). I later found out 2 of the dogs had chased someone on a bike (they barked at us but I think they were leashed/tied up when we passed).

    Another group came up to us trying to sell a really random grouping of electronics (wtf?).

    I've come to expect seeing some suspicious behavior back there, but this was more than I'm used to seeing and I had heard some reports from friends of mine beforehand about other things going on up there, as well. I don't know how much of it is just people being paranoid or how much is actually going on, but it probably merits some caution.

    I'll report what we saw to the ranger station, but figured I'd give anyone going up there a heads up. I'd park around other cars, be a bit wary if you are solo, and be a bit more alert.

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    Yeah def worth calling the rangers/cops.

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    This wouldnít happen to be the camper thatís been parked out there and covered in a tarp for, I think maybe three weeks now?

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    There are permanent campers out there every year. Looks like it's been repopulated now that the road is open again. Not sure why they are not run off by the FS after 2 weeks. I've talked a couple different rando's out there on different occasions / chance encounters and both parties were looking for a free spot to live until the next Rainbow Gathering. I guess it's a noted destination among the nomads.

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    We experienced the pit bulls a couple of weeks ago; they were not leashed, barked at us, but did not chase us. They were at a camper trailer that was backed into one of the dispersed sites. The tow vehicle appeared to be a Home Depot rental truck. There is also another camper in the same vicinity, with a tarp covering it; these folks looked more Rainbow Gatherish and appeared rather benign. If you have concerns with what you see out there, please call the Ranger station. I am all for "freedom" out on the dispersed sites, but not at the expense of safety and the environment.

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    Hmm, I rode past a couple of fairly substantial campers up that road the other day when I rode Spencer. Thankfully, I didn't see any dogs or otherwise sketchy/dangerous behavior.

    But agreed - if they're trashing the woods and the dogs are harassing people, they need to be run off.

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