Just thought I would let folks know about a great event that was held at Harris Lake Park south of Raleigh this Saturday. Triangle Mtb sponsored a "Skills Day" for everyone who showed up. I don't think anyone could have imagined the turnout-Probably close to 100 people! One of the bike shops provided tire levers, endurance drink packs, and other raffle priizes as giveaways. We had portable teeter totters, skinny's, pallets to lift up onto, log jumping stations, and I'm sure a couple of other things I don't remember. Every station had 2-3 volunteers to help the beginners learn how to negotiate the obstacles. After the "clinic", most folks split into groups of similar skills and road-it was a really great day. Its nice to help new comers get going, kinda makes you feel like you're giving something back.
If folks in other areas have events like this-tell about them, maybe we can learn from each other how to get more people involved-you never know who might own a couple hundred acres of land!
Check out the pics at www.trianglemtb.com.