Save The Trails Challenge Aftermath....-
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    Save The Trails Challenge Aftermath....

    Kudos to PAS for a job well done. This was my first time to ride in Dupont and it rocked. The course was beautiful, the aid stations perfect, river crossings treacherous... I loved it. I finished in 5hr 45 minutes with 46 miles...because 44 miles just wasn't enough!!!

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    Awsome Ride Guys! that was my first 25 miler! will definilty be back. here is a pic of my group that i brought up from Greenville SC.

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    There was at least one big wreck that sent a rider to the hospital.
    Broussard was the first back from the epic ride: Phear
    I forgot the name of the guy who finished first on the 25 miler but I think he was from The Hub bike shop in Brevard
    Van got his truck stuck in a ditch on Saturday and needed the rangers to pull him out.
    One of G. Jenks shoes went down stream at the river crossing and was not recovered: Litter bug!.
    Carlos and I both trashed a set of brake pads while marking the course in the all day rain storm on Saturday. If you thought Sunday was a wet ride you really do not want to know what it was like on Saturday.
    98% of the comments on the date change were very supportive.
    Big thanks to all the Volunteers and sponsors who made this happen.
    This was the second year for this event and we are still learning. We had twice as many show up this year as the first year. Hopefully we can have triple for the 3rd year.

    Great big thanks to all the people who paid to ride. We will be buying some shiny new tools with your money. Come out to some of our upcoming work days and see what your money has paid for.

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    Awesome event folks! Thank you for all the hard work. I did the 25, new to mountain biking, and my first ride in Dupont. Other than finding out the hard way why they call it slickrock (ouch!) and one missed turn that cost me about a mile or two, I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to everyone!

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    I had a great ride I did the 44 miler, the change to Sunday was not a problem to me. I just wanted to post a reminder;

    This is for all the people who said they didn't want to ride on wet trails, and the people who said they didn't want to damage the trails by riding them when they were wet, just remember that you rode after 4 days of rain on some of the wettest trails I have ever seen.
    So no more whinning

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    Save the Trails Pix

    here are some pix from CP1, some on Airstrip and Burnt Mountain. Great day to be on the bike.

    whole set HERE Flickr Slideshow HERE

    <iframe align="center" src="[email protected]&set_id=721 57616151799422&tags=Ride" frameBorder="0" width="800" height="800" scrolling="no"></iframe><br/><small>Created with <a href="" title="">Admarket's</a> <a href="" title="flickrSLiDR">flickrSLiDR</a>.</small>

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    Gawd I miss riding :(

    But glad to hear this event was a huge success & continues to grow Dupont is one of my favorite spots to ride & I surely would of attended this event if it were not for the two knee surgeries I'm currently recovering from... 12/10/08 & 3/4/09 respectively. Awesome pics Brado, thanks for sharing!

    Anyhow, I definitely plan on doing this event next year

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