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    Rider/Racing Insurance

    So, Out of concern it may happen again and getting no further help on my gofundme campaign so far, even though Stan The Moto Man had a successful campaign and got 4000 dollars, I am wondering this. As a contingency and precaution. For future injuries worse than just bruises, or if I get a strain or sprain on an empty mx track or get injured alone on a non bike park trail (like Kitsuma, Wilson Creek, Fire Mountain, Rocky Knob, etc) and cannot get out myself, I'm asking and planning to get rider/racer health insurance in advance.

    So, what are some good plans and agents? Should I go with Blue Cross Blue Shield? Is 75 a month enough coverage or should I be looking for higher?

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    General medical and disability policies will cover sports injuries and possible disability. Usually rider and racer insurance is for landowners/race promoters. Finally, the more insurance the merrier. If you only buy catastrophic coverage, you are looking at huge deductibles.

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    My current policy is through my wife's employer. While she gets her premiums over 90% covered as a benefit, I get squat, so I'm paying over $500/mo for a fairly mediocre health plan. I'm a glutton for punishment, working for tiny businesses that don't provide health plans, or being "self" employed doing seasonal and/or contract work. Adding an Aflac policy on top of it is something I've thought about if I can get a little more financially secure, because I had a health scare almost 10yrs ago that racked up over $1,000,000 in hospital charges in less than a year (my insurance back then was an absolute lifesaver, even though it was also a royal pain to deal with).

    IMO, catastrophic coverage is worthwhile for truly catastrophic stuff like what I dealt with, but I'm not sure it's worthwhile for run-of-the-mill bike injuries because of the high deductibles involved.

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    Asheville Health Insurance | Employee Benefits | Group Insurance

    They have individual plans too. 75 bucks a month isn't going to get you much at all I don't think; with both employee and employer contributions, most group plans are hundreds per month.

    That said...if you're eligible for a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, it's still the best option.


    Open enrollment is pretty soon too.

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    Look at velosurance.com. They mainly do bike insurance but they have a medical tag on too. I insure my bike with them as I travel on planes with my bike but haven't really looked at the medical part in any detail so can't comment if it's going to be suitable but worth checking worth them.
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    Apply for Medicaid Brendan. You already qualify so you just have to go through the process. Just open that checking account we discussed and you are on track. Go talk to anyone at the Division of Social Services office. It's in the Watauga County Human Services Building at 132 Poplar Grove Connector. Given your current situation it's your best option. The Affordable Health Care act is also an option. Anyone at DSS can help you with that as well.

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