Went riding at Catawba Riverfront today. Beautiful day for it. The trails were fast, and weren't crowded....great riding.

I headed out and was feeling great- legs feeling strong, lungs working to capacity. Re-discovering Catawba was like seeing an old friend that I had lost touch with.

...Then I turned a corner...

Two trucks were parked right near the river with five teenaged guys hanging around in a circle.

In the center of the circle was a deer, obviously dead. The kids were hooting and hollering like they had just won the high school football championship. Beside the deer was a Louisville Slugger.

I am not a member of PETA. I am not against hunting. Hell- deer meat is delicious, but out of season and with a bat is just wrong.

Kids who can bludgeon a deer to death and then celebrate it sort of scare me.


"Kids today! Get off my lawn!"