I have redesigned the main page of my site to make it a little easier to navigate as well as a little more appealing to the eye. I promise I will be starting the mapping and description process soon but, I've needed some off time and the site can be very time consuming.

Yesterday I did a 30 mile variation of Heartbreak Ridge and Kitsuma with about 19 miles of climbing, 15 of which started the ride with only one 1/8 mile slightly downhill to give it a break. Gettin ready for the Pisgah Adventure race in May and my 10 day trip to Colorado the week after. I hope to have some pics to post to make all of you jealous.

Visit the site and let me know how you like the home page. I will start making the Dupont Epic make and description soon then start redoing the other pages to fall in form with the main page. www.wncmountaingoatepics.com